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quality of education, thus favoring the presence and participation in the classroom, the achievement of learning of each and every one of the students, especially those who present an SEN.


 It is an inclusive strategy of the school system whose purpose is to provide additional support in the common classroom to students who have Special Educational Needs (SEN), whether they are permanent or temporary, whose objective is to contribute to the improvement continuum of the

     To achieve this more inclusive and quality education, 3 fundamental strategies are proposed:

-     The incorporation of differential education teachers in classrooms to work together with the course teacher, diversifying pedagogical strategies and thus making learning possible of all the students.

-     The support of professional psychologists and speech therapists in the classroom and/or outside of it for students with SEN.

-     Work in coordination with the school community to encourage respect for diversity and contribute to a more inclusive education.

Children and young people directly benefited by the integration program have educational needs associated with Specific Learning Difficulties, Specific Language Disorder, Attention Deficit Disorder, Intellectual Disability or associated with physical-sensory disabilities.



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