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“School Coexistence is learning, it is taught and learned, and it is expressed in different training spaces: the classroom, field trips, breaks, workshops, ceremonial acts, the library, as well as in spaces of participation, school councils, parent center, student center,   teachers' council, meetings of parents and guardians.

Healthy school coexistence is a right and a duty that all members of the educational community have, whose main foundation is the dignity of people and the respect that they owe each other. It is learning in itself that contributes to an educational process implemented in a tolerant and violence-free environment, aimed at allowing each of its members to fully develop their personality, exercise their rights and fulfill their correlative duties.

The main objectives of the school coexistence area are:

Promote and develop in all members of the educational community del Colegio San Alberto Hurtado  the principles and elements that build a healthy school environment, with special emphasis on training that favors prevention of all kinds of violence or aggression.

Establish action protocols for cases of school abuse, which should stimulate the rapprochement and understanding of the parties in conflict and implement remedial actions for those affected.


Generate prevention actions such as socio-affective skills workshops, life skills, emotional literacy, parenting skills, among others, especially taking into account the institutional educational project.

Ensure that the rights of each of the members of the school community are fulfilled, through actions  that involve a  all its actors.

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