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 General Center for Parents and Guardians

The Parent Center of the San Alberto Hurtado School is a voluntary group that brings together parents and guardians of our School who wish to participate and contribute to the educational community, through different activities and projects. This organization is an instance that shares and collaborates in the educational and social purposes that the School has established in its Educational Project.

The operation of the Parent Center will be regulated by the Ministry of Education, which generally proposes the following functions:

a) Promote the fulfillment of the educational responsibilities of each family in relation to the upbringing and education of their children.

b) Integrate parents and guardians  and channel their skills and interests.

c) Promote links between parents and the School.

d) Project actions towards the local community, creating alliances that contribute to the well-being of children and young people.

e) Propose and plan actions for the integral development of children and young people.

f) Maintain a permanent and fluid dialogue with the educational authorities.


The parent center has an office  for parents and guardians that is located at the main access  to the school on Oñederra street.

The operation of the office for the attention of parents and guardians on the days:


Gilda Aliaga León



Aracely Ortega Ibarra



Elizabeth Cáceres Concha



Víctor Montecinos Cornejo



Adriana Cordero Pérez


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